A Demonstration for Unity in Barcelona is a Call for Business as Usual by Matthew Jacobson PhD

A Demonstration for Unity in Barcelona is a Call for Business as Usual
By Matthew Jacobson

Those that are calling for unity in Spain in reaction to the conflicts between the power of the State of Spain and the independence movement in Catalunya are premature. Modern power is based on economic power, the State of Spain has power because it is run by the corporate class and is only responding to Catalunya´s threat of independence because it threatens the one thing they are interested in, economic power. The distortion will be that the conflict is cultural or social in terms of the people. The majority of people in Catalunya and other parts of Spain are like anywhere, they care about each other and live together in support of each other everyday. The power base though wants to rally support against Catalunya and to divide Catalans by threatening them with their one weapon, the downfall of the economy. The banks that are threatening to leave Catalunya and the State of Spain will do whatever they can to threaten Catalan independence because they are afraid they will lose control and domination of the region, that is only important in terms of profits and the tax base.

The unity that is needed is not about Catalan independence, the union needed is with the people of the Iberian peninsula and the people of the world, to say no together to the destructive and violent economic system that is destroying the planet and those that live on it. Independence movements such as the one in Catalunya are a move in a good direction, they make power more regional and that means the people have a better chance of taking it over, for themselves, not for the government or corporate class of Catalunya, but for the people. The 40% that have no jobs, the Africans who have no papers and the millions we everyday are caught in the precarious labor force, making less for more work. As important, the true spirit of independence is equality and justice for not only Catalunya but for a world where Catalan and Spanish corporations have to serve the people here and anywhere they want to do business. Its a simple message really we all know: the People before Profit. Unity is only worth fighting for if its unified for that. Those that will come to Barcelona to march for unity want to hold on to power, hold on to the status quo and attempt to use peace as a legitimization for that. We all have to unity to declare independence from that.